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In case you missed BBC's 'The Big Crash Diet Experiment' last night, here's a little re-cap. Four overweight volunteers, suffering with a variety of health problems, have been put on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) to try and improve their health and weight issues. This means giving up food entirely for 9 weeks and having meal replacement soups, shakes and meals instead - no easy feat February 17, 2015. We study how ex-ante information provision, in the form of codified prior art, affects innovation outcomes. Using a unique dataset of herbal patents filed on the United States Patent Office (USPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO) from 1977 to 2013, we exploit a natural experiment where the USPTO and EPO adopted a codified. Combined Experiment, Simulation, and Ex-ante LCA Approach for Sustainable Cl Recovery from NaCl/Ethylene Glycol by Electrodialysis Jiaqi Lu a, Shogo Kumagai a, *, Yasuhiro Fukushimab, *, Hajime Ohno b, Tomohito Kameda a, Yuko Saito a, Toshiaki Yoshioka

Ex-ante Impacts of Agricultural Insurance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mali Ghada Elabed and Michael Carter. PRELIMINARY DRAFT: April 24 2014. Abstract. Anticipating a negative income shock, uninsured households may refrain from undertaking pro table, but risky activities In this article, we will discuss ex-ante vs ex-post in detail. When transcribed from Latin, ex-ante is the prediction of a particular event in the future, such as the potential returns Expected Return The expected return on an investment is the expected value of the probability distribution of possible returns it can provide to investors Ex-ante. The term ex-ante (sometimes written ex ante or exante) is a phrase meaning before the event. Ex-ante or notional demand refers to the desire for goods and services which is not backed by the ability to pay for those goods and services. This is also termed as 'wants of people' The opposite of ex ante is ex post, which means after the event. This is a useful framework because people often conflate the two in their reasoning. The 'Expected Value' entry made the claim that buying a lottery ticket was a bad idea, but I never specified the point at which you were deciding it was irrational. Buying a lottery ticket. ex ante is Latin for before the event.; ex ante means we look at future events based on possible predictions.; ex post is Latin for after the event.; ex post means we look at results and events after they have occurred.; Example of ex ante and ex post. There is an example of ex ante and ex post in this blog from Paul Krugman below about the decision of the Fed to raise interest rates

Platbou ex ante se rozumí postup, kdy příjemce obdrží platbu předem (zpravidla po uzavření právního aktu o poskytnutí / převodu podpory), než doloží jakýkoliv výstup / aktivitu projektu. Takto poskytnutou zálohovou platbu následně příjemce vyúčtuje. (www.strukturalni-fondy.cz) Význam ex ante: neregistrovaný: 03.12.2015. Ex ante standardization L's. experiment When the potential users of the technologies decide which route to take for standardization, they will compare VE and Vs. However, for the social planner who controls the ex post standardization process, the criterion will be the comparison between Vz and Vs. Due to the inefficiencies in the market. Anticipating a negative income shock, uninsured households may refrain from undertaking profitable, but risky activities. This ex-ante risk coping strategy is costly in terms of forgone income. Therefore, insuring households so that they are objectively (and subjectively) less exposed to risk can prevent them from adopting these welfare decreasing ex-ante behaviors. To test this hypothesis. Impact of Ex‐Ante Hypothetical Bias Mitigation Methods on Attribute Non‐Attendance in Choice Experiments Muhammad Bello. Corresponding Author. Evidence from a Non-hypothetical Choice Experiment, Journal of Consumer Policy, 10.1007/s10603-019-09426-z, (2019). Crossref And finally, a dummy variable (ex ante or ex post) is created covering the data between 2015-2017 (which is the period post the announcement of the Ex ante regulation in question). This helps in estimating the effect of a sector-specific ex ante regulation imposed in telecom and communication sector during this period

ABSTRACT: City logistic policy making requires an understanding of specific issues seldom investigated in current research. Policy implementation produces unsatisfactory results when does not consider behavioural and contextual aspects. Acquirin ex ante definition: 1. calculated or existing before a particular event: 2. calculated or existing before a particular. Learn more

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  1. e how the ex-ante request affects users' registration decision, short-term conversion, and long-term purchase behavior
  2. In an ex ante evaluation, much must be based on assumptions because fewer facts are available. It is more bounded concerning history, facts and interpretations, leading to a selection of decision premises influenced by organization structures and actors' roles, as noted by Simon ().Lack of information leads to greater reliance on experience, on opinion or at worst on guesswork
  3. Der Begriff ex ante bedeutet im Voraus, vorab oder zuvor. Der Begriff beschreibt eine Betrachtung oder Beurteilung der Sachlage vor dem Eintritt des eigentlichen Ereignisses. Ex ante wird hauptsächlich in der juristischen Fachsprache, gelegentlich aber auch in der Wirtschaftssprache verwendet.. Das Antonym zu ex ante lautet ex post (im Nachhinein, hinterher)
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Viewing the ex ante predictions for the experiment and the experimental results in light of the presented models, one could say that the ex ante predictions are in line with learning to incorporate information about the fundamental value into the decision-making, while the experimental data are in line with agents learning to act in a more. Ex ante definition is - based on assumption and prediction and being essentially subjective and estimative —opposed to ex post. How to use ex ante in a sentence Combined Experiment, Simulation, and Ex-ante LCA Approach for Sustainable Cl Recovery from NaCl/Ethylene Glycol by Electrodialysis Jiaqi Lu Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University, 6-6-07 Aoba, Aramaki-aza, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8579, Japa

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  1. ant online platforms. The Competition & Markets Authority's Interim Report on Online Platforms and Digital Advertising, published just before Christmas, is a clever and impressive document with new evidence and analyses amassed over a brief period.It also needs to be understood in context
  2. Ex-Post-Facto Forschung ist ein Ersatz für echte experimentelle Forschung und kann verwendet werden, um Hypothesen über das Ursache-Wirkungs-Verhältnis oder den korrelativen Zusammenhang in Situationen zu überprüfen, in denen es nicht praktikabel oder ethisch vertretbar ist, ein experimentelles oder quasi-experimentelles Design zu verwenden
  3. Ex-Ante è un software che ti aiuta a gestire in maniera semplice i tuoi portafogli. Sostegno ottenuto: Ricerca Sviluppo Tecnologico e Innovazione Sostegno alla creazione e al consolidamento di start-up innovative ad alta intensità di applicazione di conoscenze e alle iniziative spin-off della ricerca
  4. Ex-post-facto-Designs Definition Quasi-Experiment Im Gegensatz zum echten Experiment findet beim Quasi-Experiment keine randomisierte Zuordnung von Versuchspersonen zu den Experimental- und Kontrollgruppen statt. Versuchsobjekte werden nach vorhandenen Eigenschaften ausgewählt, z.B. nach soziodemografischen Merkmalen oder.
  5. Ex ante (lat. aus vorher) ist ein Begriff der juristischen Fachsprache und bezeichnet eine Beurteilung aus früherer Sicht. Bei ihr entfallen später ablaufende Vorgänge, die zu einem früheren Zeitpunkt noch nicht bekannt sein konnten. Der Betrachtung ex ante, übersetzt im Voraus, steht die Betrachtung ex post (im Nachhinein) gegenüber

Fairness Ex Ante & Ex Post An Experimental Test of the German Bestseller Paragraph Christoph Engel and Michael Kurschilgen Abstract The market for copyrights is characterised by a highly skewed distribution of profits: very few movies, books and songs generate huge profits, whereas the great bulk barely manages to recov-er production cost Economic variables like consumption, investment, savings, etc. are all defined in terms of ex-ante and ex-post. The above example was that of planned and actual spending. There normally arises a difference or deviation between what is intended or planned and what actually takes place, and the concepts of ex-ante and ex-post account for that

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  1. natural experiment to evaluate the consequences of bail out expectations for bank behavior using a difference in differences approach. The results suggest a striking difference between the effects of bail out probabilities during calm times (ex ante) versus during crisis times (ex post). During calm times, higher bail-out probabilitie
  2. Designing an Efficient Stated Ranking Experiment for Ex Ante Urban Freight Policy Evaluation in a Three Agent Type Context: Retailers, Own-Account and
  3. e Coasian bargaining under uncertain payoff streams. subjects bargained over both an ex ante lottery and the ex post reward. The results indicate nearly 87 percent of all agreements were Pareto efficient. However, only 7.3 percent were mutually advantageous, while nearly 85 percent of all agreements split the reward equally
  4. The ex post perspective in legal theory is also loosely connected with deontological approaches to moral theory. In general jurisprudence, we might associate the ex post perspective with legal formalism. The ex ante perspective is forward looking. From the ex ante point of view, we ask questions like: What effect will this rule have on the future? Will decision of a case in this way produce good or bad consequences
  5. An experiment on Coasian bargaining over ex ante lotteries and ex post rewards, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Elsevier, vol. 17(1), pages 153-169, January. Citations Citations are extracted by the CitEc Project, subscribe to its RSS feed for this item. a

The ex-ante power for this effect is only about 11%. That is, the experiment is now very low-powered for detecting the truth: it is unlikely to reject the null of no effect, even in the presence of the true effect. Figure 2 plots the resulting estimated coefficients and the ex-post power using these estimated effect sizes What constitutes a field experiment therefore depends on how the field is defined. Early agricultural experiments were called field experiments because they were literally conducted in fields. the direction and magnitude of SUTVA-related bias are often difficult to know ex ante, and experimental researchers may wish to assess the. The implementation of an ex-ante regulatory function should respect three conditions: (1) to adopt a compliance approach, according to which the regulator supervises the correct implementation of preventive The purpose of this experiment is to explore how a new system to regulate social networks could b

Experiment (česky též vědecký pokus) je soubor jednání a pozorování, jehož účelem je ověřit (verifikovat) nebo vyvrátit (falzifikovat) hypotézu nebo poznatek, které něco tvrdí o příčinných vztazích určitých fenoménů.Pokus je hlavní nástroj empirického rozšiřování vědeckého poznání.. Vědecký experiment má být plánovitý, opakovatelný a tím i. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, etiam lorem adipiscing elit. Cras turpis ante, nullam sit amet turpis non, sollicitudin posuere urna. Mauris id tellus arcu. Nunc vehicula id nulla dignissim dapibus. Nullam ultrices, neque et faucibus viverra, ex nulla cursus. Learn mor impact on households' ex-ante behaviors at the extensive margin. These intention to treat estimates show that offering insurance resulted in a 15% increase in the area in cotton, and a 14% increase in the expenditure on seeds per ha. In addition, as a result of our randomization 22.5% of the treate

used in both Columns (1) and (2), and it consists of all job openings assigned to the recommendations experiment. Ex ante recruiting is the employer recruiting within the first hour after posting a job opening. Treatment is an indicator that the employer received recommendations about candidates to recruit. Technical is an indicator for that opening requiring com-puter programming Ex ante, people are willing to spend more time for higher risk, higher return options whereas when spending money the pattern is reversed and the more standard pattern of increasing risk aversion is observed. Although accurate assessment of the opportunity costs of time is key to making good decisions, ambiguity in the value of time promotes. Corpus ID: 53607038. Ex-ante Impacts of Agricultural Insurance : Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mali @inproceedings{Elabed2014ExanteIO, title={Ex-ante Impacts of Agricultural Insurance : Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mali}, author={Ghada Elabed and M. Carter}, year={2014} Das Forschungsdesign (auch Untersuchungsdesign, Untersuchungsplan, Versuchsplan oder Versuchsanordnung) ist auf Arbeitsgebieten, die es mit Versuchspersonen oder anderen lebenden Subjekten zu tun haben, die Grundlage jeder wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung. Es ist daher vor allem wichtig in Sozialwissenschaften, Psychologie, Biologie und Medizin.Es beschreibt, wie die empirische Fragestellung. The sample size and number of treatment arms were determined ex ante based on the power analysis using figures from the literature. We used the expected effect size of 5.25 litres, a standard deviation of 20, a significance level of 5%, and desired power of 80% to compute the sample size for each group to be around 220

I Ex-ante commitments underuncertainty,vs. known,ex-postchoices; e.g., random realized situation, random implementation. Concrete Setting and Application Use model & experiment to study and compare properties of two most commonly used revealed-preference methods: I Direct elicitation. performance of ex ante evaluation methods. In this paper, we compare the ex ante pre-dicted program impacts, estimated using data from the randomized-out control group that did not receive the program, to the program impacts measured under the experiment. We find that the ex ante prediction method predicts accurately the estimated impacts for. The move to the ex ante perspective is the crucial move made by consequentialist legal theories--and in particular, by normative law and economics. But there is another important perspective on legal rules that is not captured by the the distinction between ex post/ex ante perspectives. This alternative perspective is frequently associated with. In settings with uncertainty, tension exists between ex ante and ex post notions of fairness. Subjects in an experiment most commonly select the ex ante fair alternative ex ante and switch to the ex post fair alternative ex post. One potential explanation embraces consequentialism and construes reversals as time inconsistent The ex ante evaluation is carried out for a conditional cash transfer program, where poor households were given money if the children attended school. A model of occupational choice is used to simulate the expected impact of the program

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  1. [3] Researchers used the lottery as a natural experiment that included random assignment: people selected to be a part of Medicaid were the experimental group and those on the wait list were in the control group. There are some practical complications with using people on a wait list as a control group, including the possibility of people from.
  2. This experiment, which has been conducted before-the-fact and looks at the states, provides a strong test of the quality of citizen forecasting in this American presidential election. Our citizen forecasting research is unique, being ex ante and focusing on the states
  3. from an ex ante evaluation standpoint, the causal inferences from a randomized experiment may be a poor forecast of what were to happen if the program where to be scaled up. We provide a simple illustration of how this policy parameter of interest might be linked to the parameter identified from an experiment
  4. Ex Ante means before the event, and is basically a prediction of something. In the financial world it's often a prediction of a return on an investment. Ex Post means after the event, and means something that is settled after the event actually happens. For investment companies it's a look back at how they company actually did as opposed to.
  5. The experiment proceeded in two stages and cross-randomized doctor race with incentives for the u accinev at the individual level. In the rst (ex ante) stage, patients were introduced to their doctor via the tablet by way of text and photo, both standardized as described in Section III below
  6. ex ante less informed fihighfltype purchases the fully revealing experiment. The ex ante more informed filowfltype buys a distorted experiment. The seller™s screening problem is facilitated by the possibility of providing fidirectionalflinformation: the seller introduce
  7. An experiment is a good way to acertain the causual effect of one or several variables on the response variable. However, prior to designing the experiment one needs to have an idea about the.

to use big data (possibly more covariates than the number of experimental units) ex-ante while maintaining simple post-experiment inference techniques. Optimizing the random-ization with respect to one outcome allows researchers to credibly signal the outcome of interest prior to the experiment. Inference can be conducted in the standard way by re A very-low-calorie diet (VLCD), also known as semistarvation diet and crash diet, is a type of diet with very or extremely low daily food energy consumption. Often described as a fad diet, it is defined as a diet of 800 kilocalories (3,300 kJ) per day or less. Modern medically supervised VLCDs use total meal replacements, with regulated formulations in Europe and Canada which contain the.

In a field experiment in Oakland, California, we randomize black men to black or non-black male medical doctors and to incentives for one of the five offered preventives the flu vaccine. We use a two-stage design, measuring decisions about cardiovascular screening and the flu vaccine before (ex ante) and after (ex post) meeting their assigned. Designing an Efficient Stated Ranking Experiment for Ex. A true experiment and ex post facto both are attempting to say: this independent variable is causing changes in a dependent variable. This is the basis of any experiment - one variable is.

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This paper reports the results of the first experiment, to our knowledge, to study fairness views about risktaking, specifically whether such views are based chiefly on ex ante opportunities or on ex post outcomes. We find that, even though many participants focus exclusively on ex ante opportunities, most favor some redistribution ex post Experiment. Im Rahmen experimenteller Untersuchungsdesigns werden Versuchspersonen vor der Erhebung (ex-ante) willkürlich einer von mindestens zwei Versuchsgruppen zugeteilt (in der Regel Versuchs- und Kontrollgruppe). Durch ein experimentelles Forschungsdesign wird eine Hypothese geprüft, indem die unabhängige Variable gezielt manipuliert. Palm oil production creates negative externalities, e.g., through intensive fertiliser application. Policies to limit externalities need an effective, sustainable and efficient measure We use a business simulation game in a framed field experiment in Indonesia to test ex ante different incentives for reducing such negative externalities. This setting allows inclusion of adequate contextual. MIT NewS: Bitcoin study: Period of exclusivity encourages early adopters Giving early adopters the first access to new technologies can help diffuse those technologies among the masses. A notable example is Google's rollout of Gmail: In 2004, about 1,000 select users were given exclusive access and told to invite others In each experiment, we kept a daily record of subsequent donations, ratings, awards, and signatures given by third parties after the treatment in both the experimental and control condition. study demonstrates the susceptibility of these reward systems to arbitrary and self-reinforcing differentiation between ex ante equivalent individuals.

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experiment matched to administrative tax and bankruptcy records. The experiment was designed Mian, Su , and Trebbi 2015), although ex-ante responses can o set these bene ts (e.g. Bolton and Rosenthal 2002, Mayer et al. 2014). 1. treatment increased the typical borrower's debt write-down amount by an extra $1,712 by droppin Ex ante appraisal of agricultural research and extension. En este experimento social veremos que es lo que hacen las personas frente a una mujer maltratada y víctima de violencia. ¿Tu que harías? Conoce Gyant! http:..

Experiment on Coasian Bargaining over Ex Ante Lotteries and Ex Post Rewards, An. Jason F. Shogren July 1990 [90-WP 63] We examine Coasian bargaining under uncertain payoff streams. subjects bargained over both an ex ante lottery and the ex post reward. The results indicate nearly 87 percent of all agreements were Pareto efficient We did not perform an ex ante sample size calculation although previous studies using peripheral neural measures show that N = 100 is sufficient to reach a power of test of 0.99 (Alexander et al., 2018). While participants were randomized into the control and treatment groups and testing showed statistically identical demographics, we cannot.

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The Man Who Picked Bitcoin in 2016 Has New Urgent Predictio Compared with a constrained social planner who internalizes these effects, they undervalue the benefits of an increase in net worth when the constraint binds and hence they borrow too much ex ante. Quantitatively, average debt and leverage ratios are only slightly larger in the competitive equilibrium, but the incidence and magnitude of. experiment, the preparation of the experimental setup, the irradiation and online measurements of the activated water and the assessment of the calculation over experiment results. The works here described have an estimated duration of 3-4 months. Template for Ex-Ante Publicit We use a combination of ex-ante and ex-post evaluation methods to evaluate a major welfare policy implemented in France in 1989. The policy granted an allowance (the Revenu Minimum d'Insertion, RMI, of up to 45% of the French full time minimum wage) to every individual above age 25 and below a threshold household income This thesis examines how the secondary effects of environmental regulations are assessed before the regulations are proclaimed. Negative secondary effects of a policy (such as regulation) may outweigh direct benefits; it is important that secondary effects are clearly assessed. The case study is the control of organochlorines in the Canadian pulp and paper industry via federal regulation of.

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an ex-post measure of closeness, usually the election results, as a means of proxying for ex-ante perceptions of closeness). Laboratory experiments yield results consistent with this expectation but raise concerns about external validity, especially given that field experimental work generally finds limite 5.2 Higher ex ante value of guarantees 24 6 Control group of banks unaffected by the removal and market discipline 26 6.1 Data 26 6.2 Risk taking 27 6.3 Market discipline 29 7 Further results 32 7.1 Introduction of risk based regulation and prompt corrective action 32 7.2 Screening versus monitoring 34 8 Conclusion 35 References 37 Figures and. the primary purpose of the mechanism, and in our study of it, is the ex ante incen-tives to improve performance the system creates based on the desire to move to a higher position in the list. The incentives to increase effort embodied in such a mechanism are complex and heterogeneous across individuals

I study these predictions with evidence from an experiment. I find that subjects take more risks when outcomes are ex post fair compared to when they are ex post unfair. I confirm ex ante fairness behavior is a common choice pattern and document how, according to the model, it responds to its relative price Research Interest We provide the direct experimental comparison of auctioneer behaviour in English auctions with a reserve price and the English auctions with renegotiation, two popular methods of procurement. In our experiment, the auctioneers in these two mechanisms demonstrate systematic biases relative theoretical predictions. We find a model of subjective conditional probability. The variable U represents both ex-ante unobserved heterogene-ity, that is di erences among individuals which are prior to the duration spell, and ex-post shocks occuring through the duration spell. The duration is right censored by a random variable C with support in R +, and we observe Y = min( T;C ), Z , W and = I(T C ) The seminars are held on Zoom and last 75 minutes: 60 minutes of presentation. 15 minutes of Q&A. A moderator will collect questions on the chat and select a few of general interest to be asked to the speaker at reasonable intervals to keep the flow of the seminar. All participants will be muted, and all interactions with the speaker are going.

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ex ante. predictions of certain impacts of conditional cash transfer programs match up well against the benchmark estimates of . ex post. experimental studies. The findings seem to support the use of this model to assess the potential impact and cost efficiency of a conditional cash transfer program . ex ante We conducted a follow-up experiment (Study 2) to ex-plore the underlying mechanisms behind the unintended negative e ects of awards. The ndings suggest that the 1There is an extensive literature in economics on explicit, ex ante incentives promised either for absolute performance (e.g., piece rate schemes as in Gneezy Rustichini, 2000 and.

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ex-ante, and the ability to motivate users to pay ex-post.2;3 In a frictionless world, infringing users are typically thought of as price-sensitive users who would not purchase content legally. However, if frictions are su cient to prevent legal consumption, it is possible that reducing these frictions may result in legal purchases Now, every trial is a Bernoulli random variable, hence its probability of occurrence is p if it is equal to 1, otherwise it's 0. Hence, if we want to compute the probability ex ante of having the above situation (3 failures and 2 successes) we will have something like that 5.1 Employer ex ante recruiting The treatment was designed to increase employer recruiting. Table 2 shows that this goal was achieved for all categories of work, with recruiting increasing substantially among treated employ-ers. There is no evidence that the treatment increased ex post recruiting, i.e., recruiting that oc-curred more than one hour after the job opening was posted, undercutting.

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First Draft: September 2002 Comments Welcome. Ex-ante Evaluation of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: the Case of Bolsa Escola1 François Bourguignon, Francisco H. G. Ferreira and Phillippe G. Leite2 JEL Codes: I38, J13, J22, J24 Key Words: Conditional Transfers; Demand for Schooling, Child Labor Abstract: Cash transfers targeted to poor people, but conditional on some behavior on thei Experiment ∗ Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman selection ex-ante (those with relatively high probabilities of default will be more likely to accept a high rate) or moral hazard ex-post (because those given high rates have greater incentive to default).1 We test for the presence of distinct types of asymmetric information problem

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b. was the most extensive controlled experiment in health insurance ever conducted in the United States. a. establishes a system of retrospective payment determined ex ante. b. combines the responsibilities of payer and provider of medical services In total, 202 subjects participated in the computerized laboratory experiment (Fischbacher 2007), 46 in the Ex-Ante-Risky condition, 54 in the Ex-Post-Risky condition, 52 in the Ex-Ante-Ambiguous condition, and 50 in the Ex-Post-Ambiguous condition. The random allocation game followed on an unrelated individual decision making task which was. In settings with uncertainty, tension exists between ex ante and ex post notions of fairness. Subjects in an experiment most commonly select the ex ante fair alternative ex ante and switch to the ex post fair alternative ex post. One potential explanation embraces consequentialism and construes reversals as time inconsistent. Another abandons consequentialism in favor of deontological (rule.

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gent and autonomous machines. Ex ante regulation would be difficult because AI research and development may be discreet (requiring little physical infrastructure), discrete (different components of an AI sys-tem may be designed without conscious coordination), diffuse (dozens of individuals in widely dispersed geographic locations can participat Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of the 1989 French welfare reform using a natural experiment : the 1908 social laws in Alsace-Moselle July 18, 2011 Abstract We use a combination of ex-ante and ex-post evaluation methods to evaluate a major welfare policy implemented in ranceF in 1989. The policy granted a Where The Scientific Experiment Went Wrong. Rather it was felt that the inflation targeting under operational independence would allow people to assess ex post outcomes relative to ex ante targets would act to tie the hands of policymakers to the target over time and prevent any dynamic inconsistency.. Ex ante - z před, z hlediska doby před událostí; opak: ex post; Ex cathedra - ze stolce (trůnu Petrova), označuje závazné výroky římského papeže; přeneseně pro autoritativní výroky vůbec; Ex facto ius oritur - právo vzniká z činu Ex flammis orior - povstávám z plamenů, o bájném ptáku. To answer this and related questions, an experiment tested how 18 different behavioral and incentive treatments (e.g., gifts, social norms, financial incentives) would motivate participants in a simple task. Notably, the researchers obtained ex ante predictions of the results for each treatment from academic experts and other forecasters.

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